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Tomeeker Gary, Occupational Therapist
Tomeeker Gary, Occupational Therapist


To help older adults and their families learn how to confidently, safely, and independently perform fulfilling activities in their own homes.


To be the trusted destination where individuals turn for comprehensive, compassionate, and effective therapy, setting the benchmark for excellence in our field.


Dependability: You know you can count on us to work our hardest to help you reach YOUR goals.

Integrity: We strive to earn your trust and respect by advocating for your best interest and adhering to ethical standards.

Commitment: We continue to learn and develop professionally to show our dedication to providing quality, evidence-based care and interventions.

Empowerment: We strive to provide the education, resources, and support you need to maximize your confidence in what you can achieve.


Mobile Therapy Services

No need to travel to a clinic to improve your function! Don't worry about finding transportation or a parking spot. We come to you!

Individualized Fall Assessments and Prevention Strategies

One fall can be a life-changing event. We will educate you on why fall prevention is so important and provide specific recommendations and techniques to keep you from falling.

Home Safety and Modifications Consultations

Let us evaluate you, your environment, and how you participate in meaningful tasks to determine personalized home modification needs, big or small.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Evaluations

We are experts on pieces of equipment that help you stay safe and independent while participating in meaningful and necessary activities. Let us help you determine the best options to meet your needs.


Step 1 - Let's Talk!

It all starts with a simple phone call. We want to hear your story. Tell us your encounters, your frustrations, and help you have sought. We will assist in overcoming and moving beyond challenging or negative past experiences by introducing positivity and confidence .

Step 2 - Let's Plan!

Remember: we come to you! We will get some background information, then set up a date and time for an initial evaluation. Don't forget to invite your caregiver! Together we’ll create a complete and personalized plan of care.

Step 3 - Let's get to Work!

Engaging in transformation may present challenges, yet the journey is designed to yield meaningful rewards and personal growth. As partners in health, we'll strive to guide you from your current state to your desired destination, using ongoing testing and adjustments for success.


Watch this brief video to discover who we serve and the reasons behind our mission.

Take The Next Step with Functional Home Transformations!

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Happy Clients are:

***engaging in meaningful activities within their home, which fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

***assured of their safety while receiving occupational therapy at home, enhancing their comfort and confidence.

***making noticeable improvements in their functional status, leading to increased independence and quality of life.

***able to participate in therapeutic activities that are specifically tailored to their personal interests and daily routines.

***benefiting from a familiar and supportive home environment, which contributes to a more effective and enjoyable therapy experience.


High Quality, Client Centered Services is Essential at Functional Home Transformations!

"I was told that I would never use my arm after my stroke and I gave up. But Tomeeker gave me hope! She understands me and works with me where I am. She got me moving better than I have in a long time!"

-Mr. H


What is "mobile outpatient therapy," and how is it different from traditional therapy?

In this case, "mobile" means that we come to you! All of our clients are seen in their homes, whether that is a house, apartment, independent living facility, or assisted living facility. We bring functional activities to you while also using the features of your home to enhance your safety and independence instead of you having to go to a therapy clinic. If you have limited transportation availability, concerns about communicable illnesses, or a preference for home care, mobile outpatient therapy could be for you!

What is your service area?

FHT covers greater Richmond and surrounding areas/counties including: Henrico, Chesterfield, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Hanover, New Kent, West Point, King and Queen, King William, and portions of James City.

You have a large service area, but I don't see my area on your list. Are there other options for me to receive services from your company?

Yes! We offer telehealth services for any client in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. We can discuss these services during our discovery call.

Does your company accept insurance?

FHT is a Medicare Part B provider. We also bill private insurances and Medicare Advantage plans. However, we do suggest that you contact your insurance company to discuss therapy benefits. We accept cash payments and provide Good Faith Estimates for our services.

How should I prepare for our first meeting?

First thing, be yourself! We tell people to keep your home as it is when we are not there with you, hence giving us a clear picture of how you interact and function within your environment. If your caregiver will be a part of your treatment plan, please invite them to the initial assessment. We will go over some intake forms, discuss goals, and get started with your transformation!

I think my father needs some grab bars installed in the bathroom. Does your company do the modifications you recommend?

FHT makes specific recommendations on what adaptations are appropriate for your father, including the size of the bars and where they should be placed for his specific needs. However, we do not complete home modifications. We guide and educate you on how to choose a reputable contractor to complete the necessary changes.

I have a contractor that says he is "ADA certified" and has agreed to do some work for me. Why would I need your services?

FHT believes that the most functional home modifications are those completed when the family/client, occupational therapist, and contractor work together! FHT occupational therapists are highly experienced and trained professionals who are able to analyze you, your environment, and how you function within your environment to determine the most appropriate modifications not only for now, but for future needs. We also account the needs of a caregiver and others in the home. A contractor knows the ins and outs of construction and installation and might use the term "ADA," referring to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please keep in mind that the ADA applies to general accessibility for commercial areas like restaurants and stores; peoples' homes need designs that are customized to accommodate their specific needs.

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